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'Inspiring words'. That's what we set out to publish and that's what we hope we achieve. 

We believe that everyone has the right to experience the joy of clear communication, so we publish resources to help young people and adults – especially those who may need extra help with literacy – on the road to more accomplished and rewarding reading, speaking and writing. Especially left-handed writers! And not forgetting, of course, a host of other topics.

We're also keen on books that are just really good reads - so we've a host of novels and children's books for all kinds of ages and stages. Inspiring, we hope, imagination as well.


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New and Recent Titles

Keeping up to date!

NEW - 'Song Folk Art' with FREE 'Tradition' Folk album by Ranagri. And others to come...

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Left Hand Writing Skills

No more 'messy' writing!

A series of enjoyable, age-related exercises to help left-handers achieve clear legible writing.

  • For home and school use

High Interest: Primary

Fast-moving, emotive novels

Un-put-downable novels for age 8-12 with comprehension guide for teachers. (AR-linked.)

  • 12 high-action titles

High Interest: Teenage

Action-packed? You bet!

Loved by both avid and 'reluctant' readers. With comprehension guide for teachers. (AR-linked.)

  • 24 teenage-relevant epics!

Spotlight Series

Reinforcing literacy learning.

A six-book series which provides reinforcement for any structured literacy scheme.

  • Words : Blends : Suffixes

Professional Series

Teacher and Parent Guides

Insight and actions for: dyslexia; dyspraxia; speech; left-handedness...

  • Insight and practicality


Read and Spell Scheme

For dyslexic or Special Needs students - indeed, anyone learning to read and spell English.

  • 100 structured lessons


Older titles - still in print

A variety of titles we loved publishing - including some great children's books...

  • Something of a goldmine...
In the world of Robinswood, everyone deserves the pleasure of reading, writing and speaking well.
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