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So, you think they're left-handed?

This book helps parents and carers to spot the early signs of side dominance. It also provides 32 enjoyable structured activities for pre-school children who you think may prefer to use the left rather than the right hand, as they learn to use pencils, pens and scissors.


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The Long Secret Hunger

The severe and growing problem of anorexia... It wasn't just 'losing weight' that mattered to Alison – it was losing flesh, losing her whole physical being. Then – and only then – might she avoid the terrifying prospect so frequently threatened by her mother: that she would "...end up on the scrap-heap". An essential and inspiring read for anyone concerned with the impact of anorexia.


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Song Folk Art

A story of a quest: an inspiring trip through twelve traditional folk songs – with the images created by twelve additional artists – which led to the production of the album ‘Tradition’ by the contemporary folk group, Ranagri. Inside the book there's a unique code for you to download the complete album ‘Tradition’ – worth £7.00 – absolutely FREE!


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Value Your Voice

An invaluable book for teachers, public speakers, coaches, phone-call-centre operatives, directors, actors - well, anyone who depends on their voice for their work...


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High Interest Teenage Drama Workshops

Completely FREE! Four new Drama Workshops to enhance the comprehension of – and involvement in – the High Interest Teenage Novels: 'Avalanche''Ghost House', 'One Crazy Night' and 'The Bully'.

Click here for information on how to use the Drama Workshops – and to access the FREE downloads.


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High Interest Primary Drama Workshops

Completely FREE! Three new Drama Workshops to enhance the comprehension of – and involvement in – the High Interest Primary Novels: 'I didn't Do It', 'Pump' and 'The Crash'. Click here to go straight to the free pdf download centre. At Resources scroll down to High Interest Primary Series.
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